Founded by Samuel Bo Feng and You Jin in 2011, YOJU isa frontier design firm committed in the fields of architecture, urbanism andreal estate. Based in Beijing and Boston, YOJU is currently involved in a largenumber of projects throughout North America and Asia. By means of innovativeand experimental strategy, YOJU rises to the social, economic and ecologicalchallenges of today.

YOJU engages in various design fields, and isespecially specialized in the design of skyscrapers, office, cultural andeducational buildings with high demands for aesthetics and constructiontechnology, as well as urban planning, urban complex, industrial parks,healthcare and senior housing. As a creative pioneer in contemporary art and design,YOJU has been researching and developing new methods of parametric design,digital fabrication and sustainable design.

YOJU's projects locate in North America, Asia andEurope. Since its establishment, YOJU has completed more than 50 urban andarchitectural design projects. The completed projects include: ShidongInternational Center (Beijing, China), Vanke Changyang Office Complex (Beijing,China), Confession Pavilion (Beijing, China) , Office Complex of HarbinHigh-Tech Industrial Park (Harbin, China), and Shijingshan Chevrolet 4S Store(Beijing, China). The featured design proposals include: Featured Proposals:Kapolei West & Ko Olina Resort (Hawaii,US), Lechmere Multi-media Center(Boston, US), America's Cup Sailing Center (San Francisco, US), TokyoIndustrial Design Museum (Tokyo, Japan), Observatory Houses (Roccascalegna,Italy), Logistics Park of China Logistics Co. (Xiongan New Area, China), HaianHospital & Senior Housing Center (Jiangsu, China), and Yitian ExperimentalSchool Affiliated to Peking University (Beijing, China).

YOJU alsopositively devotes itself to arts and public welfare establishments. YOJU hasmaintained a long-term cooperation with environmental protection enterprises inthe aspect of its product brand "Eco-squirrel", producing a series ofenvironmental products. The founders have positively participated inphilanthropic art performances, delivered public speeches, supported the causeof education, and provided assistance to youth.